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September 29, 2016

It’s all about the journey….

Property is either an investment or your life’s work.

Working with clients who have been looking themselves for several years to find their ideal home, I realise it is about so much more. The regular Cambridge Saturday viewing sessions become a feature of your lives, the etiquette for viewings with the vendor, and above all compromising on what you are both looking for. It may take thirty viewings before you know that it’s all about the garden and for your partner it’s the kitchen. I really enjoy helping clients who may have been looking indefinitely and need some definition and clarity.
Three years ago I met clients who had been renting for two years whilst looking to buy. Not unusual in Cambridge but they had recently decided to build their own dream home. A plot came up in a village they loved but they were outbid, how could we help? Move to Cambridge got involved and arranged for our clients to meet the builder who outbid them, he agreed to sell them one third of the plot – the best part, overlooking fields. Neither of my clients have previous building experience and it has taken courage, commitment and vision on their part to create their stunning home. They’ve been let down, but have utilised their own skills and learnt a lot from superb craftsmen along the way. The journey has been an exploration for them both, the end is in sight and they are not moving anytime soon!


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