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moving to Cambridge



“Sarah is absolutely the best relocation agent you may hope to find!”

“Having lived in various countries in Europe and in different parts of the UK, we have experienced several relocation services, but we can safely say that Sarah is a cut above the rest. We had already moved to Cambridge when we got in touch with Sarah and she helped us to find a house to buy. Her knowledge of Cambridge and its housing market is phenomenal, and she made a real effort to understand what it was that we were looking for. She also thought along with us at every step of the way on issues ranging from financing to finding an architect and builders for our refurbishment plans.  She was a great help and offered helpful advice, insights and solutions for anything that came up from day one, until well after we had moved in. We always received quick answers to any of our enquiries and she stayed in touch all the time, even from her holiday when we were in a particularly critical phase of the house buying process. So we can’t praise her knowledge, professionalism and commitment highly enough. What makes her further stand out are her extremely pleasant enthusiasm and genuine interest in her clients. In short, you will be very lucky to have her as your agent and we recommend her wholeheartedly!”

Thomas and Marie

House purchase

“Sarah’s organisational skills are to be envied and she makes you feel that you are her only client despite being very busy”

“We needed to move to Cambridge from Scotland with only a few weeks notice and as we live in the UK we were initially very reluctant to hire a relocation consultant. However it quickly became clear that the Cambridge market moves very quickly and we needed help. We hired Sarah as from our initial phone call it was clear that she was extremely knowledgeable, very professional, enthusiastic and simply lovely. And that proved to be true and so much more. She made our whole move seamless and found us a lovely house to rent in record time. She even arranged temporary accommodation before our property was available. She also helped us significantly when we had some issues with the house after moving in.  She really does offer a very comprehensive service that is worth every penny! Her organisation skills are to be envied and she makes you feel that you are her only client despite being very busy.  We can’t imagine having done it without her, as she is amazing! Thank you for everything.”

Nina and Mo

“Sarah will be your secret weapon for your move to Cambridge”

“Moving from London to Cambridge would easy we thought, we were wrong!  Tensions rose when our house sale fell through which meant we had to find a rental home within weeks in order to apply for the elusive Cambridge school places.  It was all very stressful as we had to take time off work and travel to Cambridge to view houses that were unavailable by the time we arrived at the appointment!  We were about to throw in the towel and stay put when we found Sarah at Move to Cambridge.  From our very first telephone conversation she gave us fantastic advice and hope that this would be a good move for our family.  Sarah has an incredible knowledge of Cambridge and took time to find out exactly what we are looking for as a family and which area would best suit our lifestyle.  She has a fantastic relationship with local property agents and therefore is able to source the best properties before they are even advertised.  She found our house in Newnham before it went onto rightmove and arranged a video tour the next day.  We viewed our house from the comfort of our sofa as Sarah pointed out all the good and bad stuff, best viewing ever! She then negotiated excellent rental terms and suggested improvements to the house that we would have missed (or been too scared to request!) and liaised with the contractors to make sure all was ready for our arrival.   

On moving day Sarah was there to wrestle with the wheelie bins to reserve a parking space (no mean feat in Cambridge!) and then helped move boxes!  Her positivity and warm, calm nature helped make a very fraught day less so.  It truly is like having a lovely friend waiting to welcome you.  

Sarah guided us through the traumas of the school admission process with her excellent knowledge of the local schools and took time to find out exactly what school would suit my daughter best.  She arranged school tours then kept in contact with the schools and admissions team to check latest availability.  She also supported us through our school appeal. 

Sarah’s focus on her clients needs does not end with moving day.  She has kept in touch with us, (introducing me to fab new coffee shops!) and continues to share her knowledge and advice. We will be using her services to help us find our permanent home in Cambridge. Cambridge is a fantastic city for families but can be tricky to break.  Our relocation would not have happened without Sarah’s help and we cannot recommend her highly enough.  She will be your secret weapon for your move to Cambridge!”

Lisa, Josh and Matilda

Home and School Search


Moving from Turkey for a Cambridge Education

“From the moment I have first spoken Sarah till now, she has been very helpful to me and my family; especially for my 9 year old daughter’s happiness and comfort before & during & after our – not very easy #movetocambridge process – from Turkey. Sarah is really professional & knowledgable & cooperative & kind & honest businesswoman. She viewed apartments on our behalf by video and recommended 4 suitable private schools for our daughter and accompanied us on the visits to help us to make our choices easier. She gave us a real bespoke service at every stage of our move by listening to us and analyzing our wants and needs carefully. And being a mother I also should definitely mention that she shows great empathy when it comes to decide about childrens’ future as she is also a Cambridge mother too. Now we are finally in beautiful Cambridge, enjoying every single moment of it and the best thing is my daughter loves her new school and this brand new page in her life. Thank you Sarah for being our eyes and our ears when we could not make it to be here during our important decisions. Without you it could not be that easy. Hoping to keep in touch always..”

Damla, Burak and Deniz

Moving from Asia to Cambridge with a young family

“Emigrating from Asia we needed to find not only a new home but also get our three children places in local schools. Sarah was indispensable in advising us on good schools and the homes we needed to look at. Sarah visited properties on our behalf, taking videos and giving recommendations, thanks to her we found not only an excellent family home but also got all of our children places in the high performing local schools.

Importantly, the support did not end there but continued as we arrived and had to navigate through various bureaucracy challenges, Sarah was always quick to respond and help us. Without her support our move to the UK would have been a lot more challenging.

As a family who have moved numerous times we can honestly say Sarah comes highly recommended and her support was invaluable.”

Davyd, Pat and family

Moving back to Cambridge from Japan

“As a family we have moved many times but this time, moving back to Cambridge from Japan, was so simple due to Sarah’s fantastic approach. From our first introduction she was calm and organised and I knew that everything would be taken care of without me having to keep track. She dealt with everything –  cat transport, temporary accommodation at both ends, liaising with schools and even ticking off the house removal inventory list as our boxes were unpacked! I cannot recommend her enough!!”

Brian, Lesley, Caroline and Elena 

Family relocation

“Emigrating to Cambridge would have been extremely stressful if  we didn’t have the help of Sarah.”


“Sarah was such a help when it came to moving to Cambridge. She helped set up viewings for us while we were in Ireland, attended apartment viewings on our behalf and was in constant contact, sending videos of the viewings, pictures and her personal opinions about apartments.

We didn’t make it easy for Sarah, we have a cat that was emigrating with us. But Sarah took that in her stride and insured that every member of my family was catered for. She stood by us during every step of the way, from viewings to contract signings, and from snag lists to settling in to our new home.

Even after Sarah helped us move in, she is always there  for us with any guidance and queries that we may need. Sarah made our experience feel like we had a friend in Cambridge.”

Adam, Deirdre and Loki (the cat)



“Thanks to Sarah’s help I’m incredibly happy in my new home and looking forward to an amazing Cambridge experience!”

“Sarah’s guidance and assistance throughout the stressful international moving process was indispensable. The many details involved with moving thousands of miles and assimilating to new ways of doing things can be incredibly hectic, but at every point Sarah was there to ensure a smooth transition.  From setting up home viewing, assisting with letting agent negotiations, and simply explaining the subtle differences in everyday transactions, she made the experience not only seamless, but also enjoyable.  Sarah was ready with an answer to every one of the many questions that I had at any time of day and ensured that no detail was missed.  Her friendly welcome was my first introduction to the Cambridge, and the city couldn’t ask for a better ambassador!  Thanks to Sarah’s help I’m incredibly happy in my new home and looking forward to an amazing Cambridge experience!”


Employee relocation

 “During our relocation process Sarah was fantastic, and we thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for help in a move.”

We found the thought of moving from the Middle East back to the UK very daunting. Despite being from the UK, we worried about schooling as we left the UK without children in school.  We did not know the area we were planning on moving to and desperately wanted a village that suited all our needs, both from a social scale and environmental perspective.

We were initially reserved about paying for another service while moving and buying a house.  Looking back, it was one of the best discussions we made and actually having Sarah’s help we feel we have saved money. The orientation day was valuable, Sarah knew a lot about the areas we visited and it was at this point we realised that having relocating advice, was a necessity rather than a luxury.

At the start of the process we were undecided on whether we should rent or purchase a property and we discussed all the options with Sarah. After deciding to purchase, Sarah went about the task of looking for the right area for our family and then finding the right house. 

Living in Qatar we felt we were always kept in the loop. We first met Sarah via a Skype conversation and during the process we had regular conversations and emails.  We even viewed a number of houses via Skype to help us draw up a short list.  We discussed which we liked, and we fortunate enough to have parents who could view some on our behalf. We then flew back to look at the top few.

Sarah’s knowledge of the housing market was priceless and she ran extensive research on the new house before we made an offer.  This continued with her speaking with the local school to secure a school place for the children as well as arranging for survey’s and various tradesmen to visit the property with her to address any concern we had.

Once we moved in, the help we had from Sarah didn’t even finish there! Knowing we were new to the area, Sarah spent time preparing a few documents for us outlining children’s activities in the area, sporting club, vets, doctors, shops and even restaurants! 

This all helped so much.  We have settled in well to Cambridgeshire, and without hesitation recommend Sarah to anyone in a situation similar to us.  Very much money well spent, thank you Sarah!”

David, Gemma, Eva and Ben

Home and School search

Moving an entire household to Cambridge – three children and three pets

“Emigrating from the west coast of the USA to Cambridge with three children, two cats, and one goldendoodle involved weeks and weeks of paperwork, processes, packing and unpacking.  Sarah was a ray of light throughout the whole experience and saw us through from finding a place to live and importing our household to setting up new accounts and schools and activities for our children.  She was able to send us a curated list of possible houses that would work for our family and we enjoyed the several informative and fun tours we took with her to look at villages, neighborhoods, schools and the houses themselves tremendously.  Every time we needed help or had a deadline to meet, she was there before we even had to ask: for example, on the day we moved in, there was a complicated timing conundrum with checking out of the temporary flat, shuttling possessions to the new place, and picking up the house keys while also getting one child to school and being available for the furniture delivery.  She offered to wait with our other children for several hours outside the new place (in the rain!) just in case the delivery truck showed up so we didn’t have to worry about missing anything.  Our kids loved spending time with her, in fact, our youngest daughter spent several of our days together holding Sarah’s hand as we visited various places.  Sarah also helped us acquire furniture and other supplies and with negotiating with the real estate office on the lease as well as checking over the condition inventory and making sure issues were addressed.  We love it here in Cambridge, and much of that is due to Sarah’s guidance and kindness.  We learned so much about the area and settling into life here with her support.  It honestly felt like being welcomed into our new home and city by a very knowledgeable and kind friend.”

Amber, Nic, Linnea, Gareth, Ellie, Arthur, Beatrix and Towan

Home and School search

“We cannot thank Sarah enough for the whole process; she has made our move to Cambridge as trouble free and enjoyable as one could possibly hope for.”

“Earlier this year I was offered a job in Cambridge and the company hired an agent to help us find a flat there. This was Sarah Green who contacted us shortly after, but little did I then know just how pleasant an experience this process would turn out to be and just how much help and assistance Sarah would offer us from that first day until at least a month after we finally settled in.

To explain a bit of background – we hadn’t previously rented a property in the UK and our knowledge of Cambridge was minimal. We were therefore a little apprehensive about the whole process but an initial telephone conversation with Sarah began to dispel the mists. She then sent us emails introducing Cambridge  and explaining the housing situation there. She also asked us for our preferences in terms of location, flat features and price range.  She also sent us a list of trusted hotels and B&Bs for our weekend.  We were already very impressed by how thorough she was.

On the scheduled day, Sarah picked us up from our B&B and, on the way to the first property, she explained that this initial trip was to explore the market generally. On that first day we saw about 6 properties. After each of them, she would ask us what we did and didn’t like. At the end of day, she said she would update the list. On the second day we saw several more properties and this time we both agreed on one flat we really liked and made an offer.  This is where we live now in Cambridge and, so far at any rate, we really love it.

On the day we moved in, Sarah gave us a file with essential information (from doctor’s surgeries to local shops and restaurants etc) nicely put together. Ever since that first call from Sarah, we have continued to ask her questions about Cambridge from local buses to council tax, for example. She is always very patient with us and extremely helpful. We cannot thank her enough for the whole process; she has made our move to Cambridge as trouble free and enjoyable as one could possibly hope for.”

Pingping and Jeremy

Employee relocation

Thanks to Sarah, our new life in Cambridge is off to a very positive start!”

“We recently relocated to Cambridge from New York City and needed help getting settled quickly. As we have since learned, the rental market in Cambridge moves fast, and is quite difficult to navigate. As an added challenge, we moved with our cat and very few landlords will accept tenants with pets. Despite these challenges, Sarah did an amazing job lining up apartments for us to view, even some apartments where the listing explicitly said no pets! We visited around 10 apartments in the first two days, and during these visits, Sarah helpfully pointed out positive (double panel windows, new appliances) and negative (low water pressure, potential mice!) features of each apartment. Importantly, Sarah helped us to build a relationship with landlords, who might have been hesitant to rent to foreigners with no credit history. We managed to move into an apartment that we love in location that we love within a week and a half of arriving in Cambridge. In addition to helping us find an apartment, Sarah has helped with all other aspects of settling in including showing us around Cambridge and surrounding villages, recommending shops and restaurants, and staying in constant contact with the companies managing our international move. The main reason we decided to hire a relocation agent was to help us settle quickly and efficiently. Sarah not only accomplished this goal, but her services have gone above and beyond our expectations. Thanks to Sarah, our new life in Cambridge is off to a very positive start!”

Louis and Xiao

Home search

The 3 week relocation…

“We had to relocate from Belgium to Cambridge in a very tight time-frame (3 weeks), in the peak of the summer season, while on holidays and moving with 2 little kids. Sarah is a person who made us believe Angels do exist and are sent to you when you need them the most. Thanks to her constant dedication and support, we managed to arrange a removal company which could collect our goods upon our return from holidays. She facilitated our move, was there for us as she even helped with navigating through certain difficult situations. She’s always supportive.

She’s an expert in the local housing market, who can give the best advice on very good areas to live and settle.

The unique thing about working with Sarah at Move to Cambridge is the genuine passion for her job, which makes her simply the best. She tries to learn about her clients to prepare a tailor made relocation service, she understands that one size does not fit all. She does everything with ease, professionalism combined with her warm, approachable personality and always with a smile. In just a few days of moving to Cambridge, we know our way around the city and the surrounding towns and villages.  

If you are looking for the perfect person to facilitate your move and make your life better while settling in, Sarah is the one. Million thanks from all of us.”

Shola, Antonia, Adelle and Derin

Employee relocation

Retiring to Cambridgeshire, decisions, detail, negotiation and renovation

Dear Sarah

I wish to thank you for your help in finding and negotiating to enable us to acquire our beautiful retirement home.  Your help to us with making key decisions over the choice of houses in Cambridgeshire, builders, architects and designers has been invaluable.  It is such an important decision and you have always been able to negotiate for us and on accession to negotiate between us!
Also we really appreciate your eye for detail when inspecting houses and looking at plans. It has made the difficult process much easier and indeed pleasurable.
You have always been professional and friendly and it has been a pleasure working with you.

Many Thanks

Home search

Relocating artificial intelligence engineers for expanding Cambridge AI company

“Sarah is an excellent relocation agent. She took care of all the details when I moved to Cambridge. After some emails asking for my preferences, she arranged 12 apartment viewings for one and a half days, scheduled in order of preference. Sarah knows perfectly the housing market and helped me to check the pros and cons of each place, paying attention to issues that I overlooked. She was also able to negotiate the price and achieve a good deal. In addition, even weeks after I had already moved to my new home, she committed to deal with the letting agency to be sure that a minor issue was fixed. Apart from the apartment, she was also very helpful introducing me to the UK banking system and mobile network operators, visiting multiple brands to check the services that better suited my needs. Moreover, she even provided me with a list of activities, restaurants and shops tailored to my needs. In summary, having Sarah’s support has been a great relief. I really appreciate her genuine interest to make my move a successful and enjoyable experience.”

Sergio Valcarcel Macua, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at

“Probably the best relocation agent in Cambridge!”

“Sarah helped us find the perfect apartment when we had to move to Cambridge. We wanted something close to the city centre, not too expensive and in good condition. We found these three conditions difficult to meet but with Sarah we did.  She arranged for us many apartment visits,  looked for the newest and best deals and also helped us moving from our temporary accommodation to our new flat. In addition, she gave us some recommendations and useful information about life in Cambridge (supermarkets, doctors, restaurants,…). Sarah is reliable, well-mannered, professional and optimistic. In conclusion, she probably is the best relocation agent in Cambridge!”

Jordi and Maria

Employee relocation

A young family move to Cambridge for one year and move straight in – following two months of preparation: Skype calls, property viewings, school and nursery places – getting around waiting lists!

”We recently relocated to Cambridge from Australia due to my husbands work commitments. As the Mother of two young children having to embark on such a huge move, my number one priority was to make the move for the children as seamless as possible but I had no idea where to even begin! Sarah took care of everything – every form that had to be filled, every call that had to be made and did so in a timely and professional manner. As a Mother herself, her knowledge of schools and nurseries in the area is second to none. She knew exactly what we needed, how to go about achieving what we required and the results peak volumes.

In just three short weeks of moving abroad, we know our way around the city, both of our children are settled into a suitable school and nursery, my husband is working in his new employment without incident and we are living in a home that is perfect in regards to our social and financial needs.

Sarah’s professionalism combined with her warm, approachable personality, got us the results we were looking for and we would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to other medical families, thinking of embarking on a similar journey to that of our own!”

Kristy and Radek

School search

Buying, selling, project managing (and form filling!)

”Sarah has provided me with a first class service, I literally would not have moved had it not been for the service Move to Cambridge have provided.  She arranged for three valuations from local estate agents and helped me to appoint and liaise with the agents throughout the viewings and sale process to achieve a top selling price on my house. Sarah provided orientation tours, made extensive enquiries and helped with negotiations, resulting in the purchase of my perfect property. The property I am buying requires substantial redecoration and improvements and Sarah has handled quotations, liaised with the solicitor, offered invaluable advice and is managing the works for me. Sarah even helped me with the extensive forms, which I struggled to face. Time saving, highly knowledgeable, professional, efficient and experienced. Brilliant! I wholeheartedly recommend Move To Cambridge to everyone.”


Home Search

Local knowledge was invaluable with corporate relocation

“We recently relocated our family to Cambridge, the move was a corporate relocation as part of a global company restructure. Coming from a corporate background it was great to meet Sarah and work with such a professional and dedicated team who quickly identified our needs and then offered informed suggestions about the types of property and accommodation that was available…and crucially, what was within our budget.

Sarah’s in-depth knowledge of Cambridge and the surrounding areas is superb. With every property that we looked at, Sarah provided detailed school, travel and other amenity contacts and web resources, enabling us to quickly get a feel for what would be the right location, and property for us.

Six months on, and we are very happy with the choices that we made on the back of the information and advice Sarah provided.”

Andy and Annii

Corporate relocation

A family who have spent the past two years searching for their long term home sought help from Move to Cambridge. Using local contacts and thinking creatively Move to Cambridge facilitated an off market building plot purchase

“Having searched extensively for a property with no success, Move to Cambridge understood our needs and were able to help us find this building plot, recommend craftsmen and enable us to create our own perfect newly built home.”

Caroline and David

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